Money, Money, Money

It‘s that time of year when we discover what exactly football clubs make from tv rights and prize money.

A lot is made of the incredible amount of money that changes hands at the top level of the game. Whether that be transfer fees, agents fees or wages…. Us normal folk could only dream of ever having those amounts of money. Well only if we were lucky enough to win the lotto maybe.

So buckle up your seatbelts and take a look at this…..

Source: Sporting Intelligence 

As it shows there’s no surprise that Champions Chelsea are top of the pile with  £150.8m. However, it’s incredible that bottom club Sunderland still walk away with a staggering £93.4m 

The prize money is yet another increase on last year and you do have to wonder whether it will ever slow down. But whether the bubble will burst on football is another story and for now clubs can enjoy their riches and invest it as they wish.

I do believe there should be more money filtered down to the lower divisions, but in theory there is through player sales and money is set aside for grassroots. The worrying aspect is the gulf is getting bigger. 


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