The Curious Case Of Football Withdrawal Syndrome

So we’ve reached that time of the year where the domestic and European competitions have finished. Now onto the World Cup….. Oh hang on, it’s not a World Cup year is it. Ok, time for the Euros…. Nope that was last year. Yes, we have a summer without football. 

Are you sweating at the thought of no football for 2 months? Well unfortunately football withdrawal is about to grip us all and we must find a way to get through this terrible time.

Now wipe back your tears and don’t fret because we have other things to do don’t we? Like having a holiday and visiting family. But what about Saturday at 3pm? Well there’s always some DIY the other half has been nagging at you about doing. Or maybe watch another sport like cricket? Now I’m quite partial to cricket myself, but let’s be honest….. It’s not football!

For those of you partial to international football (club verses country debate is whole different story) we are about to enter an international week including World Cup qualifiers. It may not be a full blown tournament, but qualifying for said tournament is just as important. As are friendlies…. sort of. Even so there’s still a good 8 weeks between these games and seeing your beloved club in meaningful action.

So What Can We Do? 

There are other alternatives for those of us who’s domestic season’s are over. Maybe adopt an overseas team who’s season runs through the summer such as the MLS, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and the A league. However, the thought of sitting in front of the tv and screaming ‘ C’mon JK Tallina Kalev’ doesn’t quite cut it.* 

*Disclaimer: Fair play to anybody in these countries who is lucky enough to follow these clubs. 

Wait….there are ways to help cure the problem. Wearing your club shirt or other alternative regularly will ease the pain. There’s also the transfer market to follow as you find your club constantly linked with every player on the planet. 

Importantly though next seasons fixtures will be announced very soon (Premier League 14th June and the Football league 21st June) That will fill a day or so as you plan towards next season’s trips away and look forward to the key fixtures. At that point symptoms will start to ease. Then ultimately in around 5 to 6 weeks we can actually watch them again. Yes, pre season friendlies will be in full swing. 
It really isn’t that long to wait, honest.

 If you require any further help….. Don’t hesitate to ring your mates and go for a pint. 

How do you cope? Comment below…. 


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